Install RVM in macOS (step by step)

Actually, I am waiting for my workmate. He chatted back after I just start a blog. Sorry man, but I can’t stop writing 😛


  • Homebrew 🍺

Let’s go!

1. Install GnuPG

2. Install GPG keys

3. Install RVM

4. We will receive a thank you 🙏 message in the console.

5. Quit all Terminal

6. Lunch a new Terminal and try this

7. We will get this message

8. Install some ruby version such as 2.7.1 (for an old version, such as 2.3.1 please check Tip topic below 😉)

9. After installation, check which ruby version available.

10. Create default ruby version

11. That’s it! Enjoys 🎉

Tip 💡

For the ruby old version, you may get this below error which relates openssl

So, we should install openssl from rvm, then install old ruby with this openssl